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    Living Free

    What do you suppose our Founding Fathers were thinking 244 years ago when they were drafting the Declaration of Independence? They knew that by signing their name on the bottom line, they could be hanged by the British Monarchy for treason. They knew they were putting their very lives on the line to stand for purpose, principle and freedom. (If you haven’t read it ever, or it’s been a while, I encourage you to do so.) You may know, I’m Irish. My forefathers escaped from the tyranny of England. They fled a famine, poverty and systemic abuse by the ruling class. They came to the New England area, specifically around…

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    Stay Positive

    Adversity. What should we do when its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel? This week I’ve had some distinctly “blue” moments. Hearing people destroying historical treasures, the hate, misery and fear that is abounding is enormously troubling. Not to mention suspicion of our fellow man – because of race, beliefs and mask on / mask off. Learning of the suffering people are experiencing because of the loneliness, lack of work or worry… Frankly, it’s a bit overwhelming to a free spirit such as mine. That is why – TODAY – I’m taking the bull by the horns. I have decided that I’m going to be…

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    Uphill to Beauty

    Ok – so I have a confession. I’m not a particularly patient person. Oh, I can be patient when it comes to dealing with people, but in situations…not so much. Like… Traffic. Lines at the grocery store. Waiting virtually anywhere. None of these are my favorite things to do. As I wrestle with this today, I am trying to do a mind adjustment, so I thought I’d share. There is a condition in our society that says we deserve instant gratification. Instant potatoes (yuck) Microwaves 2 Hour Shopping Delivery Then, we pause and look at how God works. I’ll use a tree as an example. Year after year it goes through…

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    Journeys,  Random

    Finding Joy In a Messed Up World

    I’ve stopped watching the news. It is a litany of negativity – so I am turning my mind to other places.  I think this quote from Helen Keller is apt today. “Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.” Do you see the irony? She understood this so well and yet was blind and could not hear. It appears her perception was spot-on. Joy is a gift from God. It is part and parcel of our life when we are wrapped up in Him. However, there are distractions aplenty in our world. I guess that’s why we are advised to “take every thought captive“. Our…

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    What a Difference

    Have you ever prayed, I mean, really prayed and asked God for direction? And then when it comes, you ask again? 🙂 Last year I was in a situation that needed a change. I knew it and I prayed and prayed. I asked for His absolute clear direction. I needed it to be painfully obvious. When it came, I actually cried and had a moderate tantrum. My answer was wrapped in a package that meant I needed to move. I didn’t want to move. It would be back to a big, big metro area – DFW. Have you ever been to Dallas? There are a lot of toll roads. There…

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    Journeys,  Random

    And now…

    How can I ever begin to thank the people who are my parents? From them I learned so many things – too many to begin to mention. As I begin another year, I give thanks. So grateful they taught me strong. What I mean by that is they did not waver in their values. They lived their life by the same words they taught us. Always. Consistently. Their beliefs were built on a sure foundation. Because it was strong, they could be, too. And God, You chose to send me to them. How can I begin to thank You? I miss them fiercely, although I am glad they are not here to see some…