Pursuing Yes

I’m excited. Ok, so that’s pretty much my norm, right? But this time, it’s a little different…

Lots of people believe the Church is irrelevant. Unfortunately, in some cases the institution(s) with that moniker have been their own worst enemy. I beg to differ, though, because God has called the Church to be relevant and “set apart”. Huh? How can that be? How can we be involved (relevant) and set apart at the same time?

It’s all about how you approach the phrase. How about outstanding? Inspiring? Valuable? Cherished? Unique? Priceless? The attributes believers in Jesus bring to others should be prefaced by adjectives of great worth and desirability. Life, after all, is precious, isn’t it? Yes. That’s how I see it. If each of us does his or her share to bring joy, love and encouragement to others – the cynicism of the world will be lessened. Light overtakes darkness.

So today, in my journey as an author and creative spirit, I am one step closer to landing in my home church. YAY! I’m scheduled to meet with the pastor and founder next week. This time I’m actively pursuing…not sitting by and waiting for what I want to fall into my lap. Nope, not this time.

This time I won’t accept “no” as an answer…my world is a great, big “YES”.

– RG

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