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    What I Saw

    Last night I had the most intense dream I’ve had in a few years. Was it a dream? Not sure. Mom was here. She was totally herself – and more. I loved seeing her. She was whirling and happy and full of life. She was dressed to the hilt! She looked beautiful – and happy. And still, she let me…

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    After the Finish – The Call to Stand

    Today is lovely out. The temperature has come down, and it’s feeling a bit like Fall. I’m thrilled. It’s strange – after I finish a book there is a period of adjustment. For weeks and months I’m “living” in this other space with scenes, dialogue, characters and history. Now, the bulk of the work is done except tweaking, which is…

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    Journeys,  Random


    “And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.” Col. 3:15 NIV Yesterday we were talking about glowing. Today let’s up it a notch and talk about ruling. What does ruling mean anyway? According to Dictionary.com, one definition is: “to…

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    Let it Shine

    Sometimes life is strange. There are moments when everything seems crystal clear and “proper”. Then, suddenly something unseen shifts and things may feel confused and out of sorts. Have you been there? The past month has been uphill. Very uphill. There were moments of intense doubt, wondering why the heck am I here? What is the point – other than…

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    Journeys,  Random

    Harvest Time

    So, it’s Labor Day weekend. Who can believe how the days fly by! Living in Texas means “Fall” is a time where the respite from 100 degrees is right around the corner! 🙂 Still, there is something in the light and in the air that transports me to Autumn. Do you feel it? My mom loved this time of year.…

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    Sleeping Memories

    Memories from the corners, Dreams found in the eaves, Sweet and make me catch my breath As each one is retrieved. And how the moments linger Even when the sun ascends, It’s almost like I can touch And hug them once again. I know this separation Someday will be erased. We’ll be together for all time And I will kiss…