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In the quiet, in the hush, We lift our hands toward you. Reaching, longing, listening Read more
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Lately, I've been listening to podcasts for my "bedtime stories" by Dutch Sheets. I had Read more
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Have you ever had one of those memories where it was so strong and fragrant Read more
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Raindrops fall on spikes of grass in silver pellets. Thunder rolls and lightning dances in Read more
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As a child, I was always fascinated by veils...with exotic places, covering faces, and then Read more
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The last few weeks - specifically since March 13th, have been a dynamic, changing and Read more
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It is Saturday in northern Texas. The wind is chilly and the sky is blue. Read more
Several years ago I was talking with a dear friend about walking the opposite way Read more
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In the cool of the evening harmony was broken, The days became  times of work Read more
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When Jesus rode into town, he was on the back of a donkey, a colt Read more

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