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    When Jesus rode into town, he was on the back of a donkey, a colt that had yet to be ridden. There are multiple layers of  meaning here. First and foremost, His appearance fulfills Scripture. If anyone or anything goes against the inerrant Word of God, watch out! Second, donkeys were not instruments of war, but of peace. When rulers entered on a charger, that indicated conflict and war was coming with them. When they arrived riding a donkey, it symbolized peace. Jesus came to restore, to bring us back into harmony with what had been broken years before in the Garden. The people rejoiced, waving palm fronds, shouting, dancing…

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    Life is a strange series of events. In the past year we have experienced a number of things that, if asked 18 – 24 months ago, we would have probably thought they were outlandish. Crazy. Impossible. And yet, here we are. Before the Polar Vortex of 2021, I was driving home from work. I saw a number of young children walking home from school. They were masked. Their steps were measured. They looked relatively serious for it being the end of the day. Where was the exuberant playfulness expected in the mild Texas sunshine? It was sobering. Then, last week a friend and I sat huddled in a darkened room…

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    For Dad

    Growing up in rural Michigan was a time of innocence and rambunctious activity. The rolling hills were perfect to run up and sled down, and the tall, stately maples were the best for climbing. From the high perch one could imagine all sorts of things – everything from pirate ships to Cinderella’s ball. The only limit was the imagination of the child. My parents provided an insulated, trusting, respectful home in which we were allowed to thrive. I could go on an on about both parents, but the focus of this post is my Dad. It is almost hard to begin to describe someone like him. I will start with…

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    Seasons and Hope

    There have been times in  life when I wondered and even agonized over circumstances. The dreaded, “whys” and “if onlys” rear their ugly heads. Today there are numerous uncertainties. Our world feels fractured. It is like someone threw a rock at a mirror and there are shards and spiderwebs of glass, rather than a cohesive pane. Some are suspicious, angry and even destructive. I learned a few weeks ago that the word peace in the Bible, when referring to Jesus, is not passive. It connotates completeness. The gap is filled in. The structure is sound and whole. Peace is sublimely strong. Boy, isn’t that what we need right now? Today…

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    Standing in the silence, Feeling ripples in the night. And yet, the stars still shine brightly overhead. Distant worries seem to fade. The moon, a sliver on the horizon, Cool and remote. In the peaceful stillness, There is a Presence who is near. Available. Willing. Loving. Warm. The endurance of the One Who guards our hearts and minds Is a comfort tonight and every night. The darkness will not prevail Because the Light lives on. In this moment, so clear and strong, I bow and whisper, “Thank You, God.” – RG

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    Last week I wrote that my 2021 “one word” is FUL. Today I’m focusing on Hopeful. It’s a word that truly captures a big part of my soul. You see, when I wake up in the morning, I’m optimistic…thinking it will be a good day. I’m a “glass is half-full” kind of girl. Lately that intrinsic part of me has been a little challenged. How about you? Do you feel blue? Sometimes after the holidays, or during a particular episode in human history, people can feel stressed or anxious. Are you in that boat right now? Is there something, anything weighing on you today? Then, let’s determine to turn our…