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Thanks, Mom & Dad!

Many years ago, when I was in high school, my parents listened to my plea for a new flute. The one I was playing was a “student” model, and I just couldn’t progress on it. One Saturday Dad drove us to a music store – Royal Music, in Royal Oak, MI, about an hour, or so, away from where we lived. I can remember it like it was yesterday…

We walked out of that store with a beautiful, solid silver open-holed Armstrong flute with a “b” pedal. It has traveled many miles and been with me through some pretty trying times, good times and now…I’m so happy! On December 6th I have been asked to play in “The Spirit of Christmas”. It’s going to be a concert at First McKinney, and is also part of the Mayor’s initiatives! To quote Papa, “How ’bout them apples?”

Every time I put it together, I thank my parents for encouraging music in my life. Papa, I hope you are smiling as much as I am.

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