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    What I Saw

    Last night I had the most intense dream I’ve had in a few years. Was it a dream? Not sure. Mom was here. She was totally herself – and more. I loved seeing her. She was whirling and happy and full of life. She was dressed to the hilt! She looked beautiful – and happy. And still, she let me know she was here for me. Somehow she knew I needed her. Every moment today I have felt like if I turned quickly enough, I could catch a glimpse of her. Three years. She will be gone three years in a week and a half. I will never get “used…

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    Journeys,  Random


    “And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.” Col. 3:15 NIV Yesterday we were talking about glowing. Today let’s up it a notch and talk about ruling. What does ruling mean anyway? According to Dictionary.com, one definition is: “to control or direct; exercise dominating power, authority, or influence over; govern...” So, as I lay drifting off to sleep last night I was listening to Abide, an app I listen to every night. The story last night was talking about the peace of Christ ruling in our lives. If we…

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    Let it Shine

    Sometimes life is strange. There are moments when everything seems crystal clear and “proper”. Then, suddenly something unseen shifts and things may feel confused and out of sorts. Have you been there? The past month has been uphill. Very uphill. There were moments of intense doubt, wondering why the heck am I here? What is the point – other than to care for my dog? Those who know me may be surprised by this, because I tend toward optimism. I’m usually at least a “half-full” kind of girl. I will confess the static of doubt has been difficult in the past weeks. Which leads me to to wonder if I…

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    Journeys,  Random

    Harvest Time

    So, it’s Labor Day weekend. Who can believe how the days fly by! Living in Texas means “Fall” is a time where the respite from 100 degrees is right around the corner! 🙂 Still, there is something in the light and in the air that transports me to Autumn. Do you feel it? My mom loved this time of year. She could hardly wait to get to the craft store to stock up on pretty things to put strategically around the house. I was missing her so much today as I put out mine. Seasons are so important. They remind us of of the cycles in life. In these days…

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    The Light Switch and Love

    It’s scorching in Texas right now. It feels a giant convection oven outside. It’s putting me smack in front of my computer screen. So, here you go… Do you every wonder how people managed without air-conditioning, refrigeration, running hot and cold water (hot water changed everything in terms of hygiene!) and DEODERANT? 🙂 There are many things I know I take for granted. Once, when I was living in Florida and the power went out because of a tropical storm, my hand still subconsciously reached for the light switch. I still have a manual can opener because of those days! Let’s take this on a different road. Who are the…

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    Journeys,  Random

    For You…Whoever You Are

    Hope. Hope is a necessary and beautiful thing. I wonder what life would feel like without it? Thankfully, I can’t answer that question – but I know some people who have experienced a real sense of hopelessness. Let’s not simply assume they can “suck it up” and get on with things. Maybe, just maybe a discouraged friend or loved one needs a hand up. Maybe that hand is yours. Innocence. There is something so captivating about a child’s smile, laughter and trust. If you toss them in the air and catch them, they want to do it again. Why? Because they trust the person. They are innocent. They deserve to…