Our country and its Constitution is an amazing thing. Last night a very heated, contentious election occurred. And still, even with the weeks (maybe months) of rhetoric, accusations and sheer ugliness, the election concluded.

All I can say is – “Thank God!”.

After all, He is in charge. Nothing really surprises Him. If putting together multiple galaxies doesn’t flummox Him, I seriously doubt our political drama is a big deal.

So why, then, does it feel like it is? I don’t have a good answer. I can only give opinion. Change, especially ones I don’t control tend to rock my world a bit. Maybe that’s why it’s a good reminder to have FAITH. I keep going back to what Ross Parsley says – “We have faith in a Person, not an outcome.”

I know Jesus has this. He always has. It’s in control – not mine, His.

Again, Thank God!

– RG

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