Walk Forward

There are moments when the challenges of life seem pretty complex. Overwhelming. Daunting. Even a little scary. The question is – what to do next?

As I sit here on a quiet Saturday morning, typing on my Surface, the answer seems incredibly simple. Just walk forward a step at a time. Life is a lot like walking. Balance is required. And, the other thing is it’s pretty difficult (if not impossible!) to make good progress if I am looking backward.

Yesterday I realized I was digging in my heels and feeling a tremendous resistance to the change I knew was on the horizon. I talk a good game. I can tell others to “trust God”. Yesterday, I realized I was not. It was quite a revelation! “So, Rose, are you going to be like Lot’s wife?”


Today, I am focused forward. Attempting to keep my eyes on the One who leads the way. Always. Evermore. Never failing. Perfect. He is definitely worth following.

– RG

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