Mornings with Sammy

She stood in the cool of the morning, looking blissful. Her nose was twitching in delight, sniffing the breeze as it gently flowed. It was strange, because she did not attempt to look for anything. Her sole focus was on whatever she was smelling.

The sun had recently come up, and there was fresh dew on the grass, sparkling like chips of glass. She did not care.

As I watched her, she tipped her head slightly skyward, but still did not attempt to look. Our walk had come to a complete halt as Samantha put on the brakes. Her stance was alert but relaxed at the same time.

I looked in all directions.  It was early Sunday morning. Nothing. No one.  “I don’t see anything, girl,” I told her quietly.

Her response was to continue to stand completely still – except her nose. The fragrance completely captivated her.

After a time, she walked, although it was slowed considerably by her lack of awareness of anything but the scent.

Watching her, I realized I had no idea what was consuming her. I could not smell it or even begin to imagine what it was. It made me wonder – What else am I missing?




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