Taz’s Surgery Song

His name is Taz – and I’m not sure I’m spelling it correctly. He’s a Resident anesthesiologist at Baylor in Dallas. He was part of my surgery team last week.

Do you think you can make a difference? You can. I’ll tell you a little story – it’s one I will never forget.

Taz came in to see if I had any questions before surgery. I asked about the tubes down my throat, and he acknowledged that would happen. I laughingly said, “Go easy, I’m a singer.” My comment opened up a short, but lively conversation about music as we wheeled down the hall toward the operating room. He is also a musician, so I asked if he would sing me to sleep while he was putting me under. I was kidding. Taz listened.

As the mask was descending, he said, “Ok, we’re going to make you sleep now…” And then I heard the sweetest, melodious music. Humming, in fact. As I looked over the mask’s edge into his intensely dark eyes, I whispered, “Are you singing to me?” Taz smiled and nodded.

His song was the last thing I remembered as I drifted off. It was sweet, sure and peaceful. It was a small thing – but huge to me.

Don’t underestimate the “little” things you do. I will always remember Taz for his kindness and care… Thank you, Taz.

– RG

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