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Wind Chimes

Today is Sunday. It’s summer and breezy. A dust cloud has blown in from the Sahara, slightly masking the blue of the Texas sky. (That’s a long way!)

As a kid, I loved summer on the farm in Michigan. Especially in late June and early July because it is cherry season! There’s nothing like fruit or veggies fresh from the source. It’s definitely a cut above. My fingers, lips and tongue would be cherry red. It was great.

I’m a city girl now – but my heart still remains firmly entrenched in the wide open spaces. I loved the desert skies in New Mexico, biking through open areas in central Florida and the rolling fields in my home turf, Michigan. The farm was a special place and time. It taught me to appreciate the wonder of nature and recognize the beauty wrapped in all the seasons.

Today, as the summer breeze causes my wind chimes to sing, I reflect. Not in a maudlin way, or even a longing for what has passed. I reflect on the goodness I have walked through for many years. Sure, there have been numerous ups and downs. Just like the chimes ringing outside my window, a little turbulence can stir up pretty music.

Maybe a good thing in these days is we’ve been given a little extra time to listen. What do you think? If you pause, do you hear it? There may be a beautiful song just outside your window. Step outside. Put the worry away. Listen to the wind chimes you have all around you. There is beauty if you listen and look.



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