A Little Smile

So, I was walking Sammy yesterday, and the sun was just coming up. The horizon was lit, but the sky overhead was still dark; a smoky grey. Wisps of clouds streaming across it were lit with beautiful fuchsia and purple. It was surprisingly quiet for a weekday morning. Traffic seemed subdued. Who knows – maybe people had stopped their cars to watch the sunrise? It was truly spectacular.

My toes were wet because I was wearing flip-flops and the grass was damp. It was cool and I felt the calmness of nature wash over me. Some of the tension from the past couple of days seemed to slip away.

Looking up, I asked, “God, where is Mom now?”

In my mind, I heard Him answer…

“She is in her garden…” there was a pause, “and there aren’t any weeds.”

I love that image! It made me smile and still does.


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