Reality Check

One of my favorite books of all time is “The Phantom Tollbooth” by Norton Juster. Sure, it’s a children’s book, but then again – it still speaks to me, so what can I say?

There is a section on Milo’s journey when he encounters two cities – Reality and Illusions. Illusions can be seen although it is essentially a mirage. Reality is invisible, but the people don’t seem to notice. They are too busy to look up, and their entire environment has faded away without them being aware. Sound familiar?

When I look around, I realize how limited my senses are to things just beyond the realm of human capability. I really shouldn’t be surprised that the hidden dimensions of Eternity are beyond the ability of my human eyesight. I have to rely on something else – something called Faith.

Faith is a sustaining force, almost like gravity. I can’t see that, either, but I understands its effects. Faith is a lot like that – I don’t want to escape its confines.

So, today, as I grapple with missing both my parents, I intentionally turn my spiritual eyes to things “unseen“. I know God’s hands hold together the entire fabric of this crazy thing we call LIFE. How grateful I am that in all His power and majesty He cares for me. This is almost an unspeakable miracle! He provides joy where there could be emptiness. His love is my gain.

 – RG

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