Adjusted Attitude

It was a conversation in the middle of the night…mostly one-sided.

For some reason, I dredged up something awful that had happened to Mom a few years ago. She was ripped off – stolen from, in fact. As I tossed and turned, I played it over and over in my head. I started to become angry.

Then, I began to pray.

It wasn’t an immediate breakthrough. It took a while. Me, listing the litany of “wrongs”, questioning “why”. After a time, I began to ask God to change my perception. I asked for my thoughts to center on Him, His goodness, beauty and perfection. I asked, “Please help me God to focus on what is right.”

Then, in the darkness, I swear I heard, “Why are you thinking about this? She isn’t!”

Freedom. Forgiveness. Thank you, God.

– RG

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