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Down to a Science

Dallas has been – oh, so good to me! I’m so blessed and grateful for friends, memories and almost 4 years here.

In just a little over a week, my peaceful, beautiful apartment will be upside-down with moving boxes. I’m trying to ignore it. I enjoy the aesthetic beauty of my surroundings. No doubt about it.

In a few, short days, Sammy and I will be on the road again. Look out, Willie Nelson, we will be joining you! 🙂

The transition to the new job seems to be going smoothly. Of course it’s only been a week. There is a lot to learn. I love to contribute!

Yesterday was emotional saying good-bye to friends at church. I’m also ignoring that for now.

The good news is, I am not packing myself. Thank God I can afford to have the experts do that. I have learned packing is NOT in my wheelhouse. I change into a catatonic zombie, walking in circles muttering things like, “15 minutes to Wapner.”

Thankfully, this old dog has learned a few new tricks. I have this moving thing down to a science. Ahhhhh! Maybe I’m crazy? I prefer to call it adventurous.

– RG

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