Make Way

It is Holy Week – a very important part of the calendar for those who believe in Jesus as Savior.

So, what was Jesus doing on Monday before He went to the cross? Yesterday, people were whooping it up in the streets, lining the route with palms and ready to acknowledge Him as King. Now it is Monday. Today historians and the Bible say He cleared the Temple.

This is interesting, because Jesus did not seem “put off” or repulsed by sinners (fisherman, tax collectors, harlots) or those who were “unclean” (lepers, the woman with the issue of blood, dead people like Lazarus or Jairus’ daughter). Yet, there was something so wrong, so improper and dreadful within the Temple that it caused Jesus to behave very differently than he normally did when confronted with sin. The Temple, after all, was the place where His Father was to have dwelt. The place that was set apart for worship. The place where people were to experience holiness, forgiveness and the glory of God.

I’ve always pictured Jesus being furiously red-faced, whipping the money changers and smashing tables. Now…I’m not so sure about the “furious” part. Maybe He was sickened by what He saw? Or perhaps His heart ached with how far God’s people were from His true heart. He was definitely upset…and He totally knew what was on the horizon.

The cross.

Today, as we think about Him walking with intention to make the way for us to experience God’s grace as originally intended, let us ask ourselves…

What do I need to tip over today? Is anything standing in the way of a full encounter with Jesus?” If so, He is more than able to help you get rid of it. Just ask.

– RG

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