What’s It Going To Be?

What if you could change something about yourself – anything. What would it be? Money? Fame? Appearance?

I would like to light up the hidden recesses of my heart. Blast the dark corners with holy light. Clean the closets of my mind.

Years ago there was a comedian named Gallagher who said something very funny. He was reading a label on a product to remove mildew. The label cautioned, “Use in a well ventilated area.” He quipped, “If it was well ventilated, I wouldn’t have MILDEW!” So true, and funny. He also mentioned the “permanent press” setting on an iron and the door locks on 24-hour a day stores like 7-11.

It makes you wonder.

The wonderful news about being in love with an eternal God is that there is always something new to learn. Not because we are under the burden of guilt. Rather, it’s because the journey toward the Light is ongoing, and infinitely rewarding. So, I say, ventilate away! Remove the mildew or any stagnation that might get in the way of my ultimate potential. It’s an invigorating thought!

There are shadows sometimes. They can obscure the view if one looks backward. However, when your face is to the sun, the shadows are behind. Let’s run forward. Are you ready? What’s it going to be?

– RG

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