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It’s You

You changed the course

The road we all thought we had to tread.

You brought the hope

Replacing every single secret dread.

And it’s You-

You who gives the life within our veins,

And it’s You –

Beautiful our Savior, one who reigns.

Yes, it’s You.


You brought us truth

Raining down and washing us in light.

You gave us life,

Removing us from dangers of the night.

And it’s You –

You who give us each and every breath.

And it’s You –

Beautiful, our Savior conquered death.

Yes, it’s You.


I’ll say your name…it’s Jesus. Jesus.  I’ll say your name…It’s Jesus. Jesus.


And it’s You –

You who are Creator, Lord of All.

And it’s You –

At your feet I choose to gladly fall.

Yes, it’s You.

RLG 7/17/2018 – This is going to be a song – lyrics. Rose

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