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    Easy to Believe

    A million stars were overhead That night, upon the hill. You told me I should look again, And lay completely still. You promised I would see more stars – (And) You were surely right. Your promise in the summer breeze Came true that August night.   CHORUS I remember…The way you smiled at me. I have treasured…the promises you keep. You have given more than you received, And yes, you made it easy then, You make it easy to believe.   The waiting seemed to last for hours Before the song began. You told me I would do just fine, And firmly held my hand. You promised me that all…

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    It’s You

    You changed the course The road we all thought we had to tread. You brought the hope Replacing every single secret dread. And it’s You- You who gives the life within our veins, And it’s You – Beautiful our Savior, one who reigns. Yes, it’s You.   You brought us truth Raining down and washing us in light. You gave us life, Removing us from dangers of the night. And it’s You – You who give us each and every breath. And it’s You – Beautiful, our Savior conquered death. Yes, it’s You.   I’ll say your name…it’s Jesus. Jesus.  I’ll say your name…It’s Jesus. Jesus.   And it’s You…

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    Out on a Limb

    Life is so interesting, don’t you think? Out of a random conversation, I sent an MP3 of some of my stuff to my boss. His reaction was really funny. I am smiling thinking about his stuttering and nearly catatonic state as he listened to the guitar, drums and generally heavy rock songs. “What is happening here?” Oh my gosh! So, I have decided, with encouragement from friends to post some of my tunes. They were recorded several years ago…I’d like to give credit to a few folks. Tim True – Bass John Allen – Guitar-man Doug Agee – Production and Tympani Cipriano Garcia – Sax Extraordinaire! There are others, too…

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    Great Tune – Munizzi “Glorious”

    Yesterday at First McKinney during the Mosiax service, we played/sang this song, Glorious. Get your dancin’ shoes on. Wow! What a treat to make music with such talented folks. Who says church music has to be ho-hum? For the next 6 Sundays we are following the Explore God series. Come and join us at 10:30.