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    Meditations,  Poetry

    Listening to You

    In the quiet, in the hush, We lift our hands toward you. Reaching, longing, listening hard For Him whose voice is True. The anxious thoughts, the hurried pace Are swept away with peace. Our Savior and our dearest Lord, Allow us at His feet. It’s here we place our treasured hopes, And dreams within His hands. Knowing He was pierced for us, And all our days are planned. Oh Jesus, how You call to those Who listen as we pause, Your love, it beckons us to You In spite of all our flaws. With tears and gratitude we give You all our thanks and praise. For Your life now is…

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    Meditations,  Poetry

    Dreams to Hold

    Raindrops fall on spikes of grass in silver pellets. Thunder rolls and lightning dances in a grey-swept sky Casting shadows through the pane. Mingling in the sounds of nature, there is a solemn promise. In the whispers of the wind, a Voice can be heard. “Be still and know…” Because of Him, we are free to live, At liberty to run and catch the heart hopes He has given. “Fear not…” His hands are reaching for us to grasp. His love is holding us securely every moment. “I will be with you…” And He is. The dreams He gives are more than phantoms. They are real, because He is alive.…

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    In a Moment

    In the cool of the evening harmony was broken, The days became  times of work And all creation suffered. It didn’t have to happen, It could have been prevented… A voice that lied, a single bite… It happened in a Moment.   The years, they passed with ups and downs, In toil and sometimes victories. Glimmers from the Holy One A Covenant was promised. Revelation, there was a plan… The hands that reached, a path was forged… It happened in a Moment.   Then, on a hill the Lamb of God Stretched His arms out willingly. Death rejoiced until He rose… Shaking strongholds of the world Destruction was destroyed that…

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    Journeys,  Poetry


    Standing in the silence, Feeling ripples in the night. And yet, the stars still shine brightly overhead. Distant worries seem to fade. The moon, a sliver on the horizon, Cool and remote. In the peaceful stillness, There is a Presence who is near. Available. Willing. Loving. Warm. The endurance of the One Who guards our hearts and minds Is a comfort tonight and every night. The darkness will not prevail Because the Light lives on. In this moment, so clear and strong, I bow and whisper, “Thank You, God.” – RG

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    Journeys,  Poetry

    Reminiscent Joy

    Music of the Masters streams through my living room, Memories of days gone by harmonize with their melodies, Fragrant and pungent as the pinon wood burning nearby. Rather than leaving ashes, these thoughts bring joy, hope and restoration. Blessings too numerous to count, stacked in random order, Creating a mosaic that is beautiful in my mind’s eye. Kindness, love and a simpler time, When things were truly what they seemed. Today, as another Thanksgiving has passed I stop and thank God for Who He Is, rather than what I have. There is changeless magnificence in Him. It is very easy to bow before such grandeur, How could one not? If…

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    Journeys,  Poetry


    Whispers in my heart Telling of the Hope, Not forsaken, never alone, Always in the palm of His hand. My name inscribed there. The vision of Him bending down To hear my prayer. Listening. Caring. Taking time to hear me. How can it be that the Creator Who molded all we see Out of nothing Would care for me? Gratitude simply isn’t enough. Devotion is a start. Eternity is the time to spend saying, “I love You.” – RG