Mystery of the Mind

I was thinking the other day – and in the middle of one thought, another one popped into my head. “How am I doing this?”

When you pause and consider the fact that our mind is constantly moving, thinking, humming under the surface, it’s completely amazing. Scientists estimate 95% of our thoughts are not conscious. There are orders for us to breathe, swallow, digest, sleep, pump blood through our veins, rebuild cells…an entire litany of unknown and powerful thoughts.

Have you considered today what a miracle of a thing is your mind? The ability to reason, communicate, plan, hope and dream? There are expectations and memories. And those are only the things we are aware of – there is so much under the surface!

Maybe that’s why 2 Corinthians 10:5 urges us to “take every thought captive” (or bring into obedience)..  Maybe that dusty, old, “irrelevant” book called the Bible understood something very clearly before science caught up with it. Our brain and thoughts are an incredible gift from God. Dwell on that for a minute or two.

While Google is all about building AI to eclipse the brainpower of insignificant mortals, I say we should stand up today and thank God for giving us such a wonderful creation inside our skulls. Ok – so maybe I do have trouble finding my keys sometimes – still, the thoughts, dreams and hopes that come out of my mind are to be cherished. My brain is doing all kinds of things to keep me being me.

That’s pretty cool.

– RG


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