Journeys,  Random


It’s the anticipation…chugging up the hill on a wooden roller coaster. Knowing…knowing it’s coming soon! The adrenaline is pumping. The expectation of the moment to come. Tomorrow is a milestone. I am bowed down and breathless.

Life is a little like that? Isn’t it? Can you feel it? Walk with me on this one…

Have you noticed the way the sun paints light patterns on the lake on a summer day?

Have you stared into the flames of a lazy outdoor fire?

When you opened your eyes this morning did you say, “thank you“?

Have you ever held your breath when you heard beautiful music?

Are you aware that there are people in your life who love you?

Can you feel the pulse of life thrumming in your veins?

Do you stand in amazement at the majesty of the night sky?

Are you waiting for the smell of burning autumn leaves?

Have you told someone today you love them?

Every day is like a first kiss – it’s magic. Unlike a first kiss – keep your eyes open! 🙂

– RG


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