Journey in the Moment

It’s been almost 2 weeks now since I’ve started the Joy Journey. Some things have been brought into stark relief during that time.

Sure, there have been many moments of happiness, peace and yes, joy. I am grateful. Joy is there. It’s with me, thank God.

There have also been moments of extreme sorrow. For instance, I found out that statistically there are more abortions reported than deaths due to heart diseaseĀ  (as of 2015 CDC stats). This sad and startling data point nearly knocked me off my feet. How can this be? How can a culture that prides itself on being so advanced be so lethal?

Quite simply, it’s because of differing beliefs. For those nameless, faceless, countless women who have chosen this, most of them honestly do not believe they are taking a life. Should we be angry at them?

I ask – in all seriousness – what would Jesus do? He came to heal the sick and help those who were troubled and living in darkness. Those who had no hope. I do not really know what He would do in these cases, and I will not presume to guess. All I know is believing in Jesus changed my heart and my mind. And this is a matter of the heart.

Another story floored me this week. A young clergyman got addicted to prescribed opioids. After the RX ran out, he proceeded to find alternative ways to get the drugs. His life was ruined. He went to prison. He ultimately took his own life, leaving a wife and young twins.

Fear. Addiction. Desperation. Hopelessness. Trapped. Worthless.

These are some very real emotions people battle with every day. They have their own personal demons who whisper in their ear that there isn’t a better way, and there never will be. There isn’t a road to redemption. There is no path to a glorious, beautiful, perfect place.

Jesus came to change all that. Religion is a poor substitute for what Jesus really offers. Joy is a result of having a foundation in peace and love. It all begins with Jesus. He said…

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” John 10:10 NLT

– RG


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