The Gardener

Have you ever seen a really spectacular garden? Some people say that a beautiful garden means the gardener has a “green thumb“. My mom used to say, “Do you know what a green thumb really is? Hard work!”

Yes, mom. You are so right.

Let’s zero in for a moment. Let’s look at the plants within the garden. Each is unique in color, shape, and size. Even the same varieties have differences. Just like us.

We are all in a Garden, and the Gardener is our Heavenly Father. This week I experienced a bit of what I will call “pruning”. It hurt. I was sad. Actually I dug my heels in and didn’t want to go through it at all! Truth be known, I hated it.

Then I recalled the faithfulness of the One who is looking after me. He has never wavered in His incredible patience and love. Never. Not once. So if He is pruning me, it is for my own good. That took a bit of mental wrestling to allow to fully sink in.

Can you see the result?

When a master gardener prunes a plant, it is at the right season to effect a perfect result, because the Gardner already sees the outcome. If it were up to the plant, do you think it suggest being cut?  Doubtful. Then, the miraculous happens. New growth, better roots, more blossoms and a healthier plant that is full of life.

A garden and its inhabitants require interaction and care. Just like us.

Ok, God, prune away. I want to be all You want me to be. Let the regeneration begin…I trust my Gardener.

– RG

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