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The Light Switch and Love

It’s scorching in Texas right now. It feels a giant convection oven outside. It’s putting me smack in front of my computer screen. So, here you go…

Do you every wonder how people managed without air-conditioning, refrigeration, running hot and cold water (hot water changed everything in terms of hygiene!) and DEODERANT? 🙂

There are many things I know I take for granted. Once, when I was living in Florida and the power went out because of a tropical storm, my hand still subconsciously reached for the light switch. I still have a manual can opener because of those days!

Let’s take this on a different road. Who are the people in your life that are consistently there? You count on? You see all the time? Who do you just know is going to be there like that working light switch?

All of us have received a bit of a shock by this whole lock-down-mask-wearing-data-changing-virus. “Social distancing” is so abnormal, at least in my family. We were a group who hugged all the time. Imagine, going weeks on end without human contact. That is definitely a shock to the psyche.

Today…even if it’s by a phone call, text message, Facetime, Marco Polo – whatever – let someone dear to you know they are loved. There’s a country song that says, “Overuse ‘I love you'”. Let’s try that for a while. Let’s see where that leads us.

I think it may be somewhere beautiful. Wanna come with me?




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