Unexpected in a Good Way

So, a month ago today was my surgery. It’s been a very interesting road. Things like that make one stop and evaluate – no matter how cavalier you are. Yes. I stopped; and I’m delighted to report I discovered some unexpectedly wonderful things along the way.

Here is a tribute to my medical team.

I am a Boomer. Sigh. Yes, the years have flown  by and I’m firmly relegated to the AARP set. (Although, in the interest of full disclosure I will never join that organization because I disagree with much of its political leanings. But that is another post…)

On August 30th, as I moved to the operating table, I was surround by 7 or 8 young, smart and amazingly talented medical people. When I looked into their faces shortly before the anesthesia took me elsewhere, I saw the best and brightest. These women and men have dedicated themselves to helping others live a full and productive life. They are confident. They are skilled. They are compassionate. They literally saved my life.

How does one go about thanking people like this? Some of them I don’t even know their names…but they have changed my understanding of “Millennials”. I hope, as a person from a different generation I will actively look to find the good in those younger, more knowledgeable and stronger than I am. This team from Baylor truly blessed me. I hope the lessons I’ve learned from them stay with me forever.

– RG


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