It is hard to write today. I have tried several times, but the words do not come easily.

I wish I could pick up the phone and hear your voice. I know, as we all say, “you are better off.” For that, I am grateful, and I know it to be true. It’s just the gap today looms awfully deep and wide. It takes my breath away.

So, I keep busy. I do the mundane, the necessary and even some thing that are pleasant. It helps.

And the world continues to spin on its axis, seemingly oblivious to the adjustments we make as human beings. That, by its very consistency is somewhat comforting. I know there are others coping with the same untidy emotions that surge through me today.

I guess it’s all about love. If that bond wasn’t there, this would be easy. For that, too, I am grateful.

I miss you both – Mom and Dad. Today, as we honor our mothers, I think of you. I can’t send you flowers, but I send you love and thanks for many things you taught me.

Numquam oblīviscar – never forget.

– RG

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