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Out on a Limb

Life is so interesting, don’t you think?

Out of a random conversation, I sent an MP3 of some of my stuff to my boss. His reaction was really funny. I am smiling thinking about his stuttering and nearly catatonic state as he listened to the guitar, drums and generally heavy rock songs. “What is happening here?”

Oh my gosh!

So, I have decided, with encouragement from friends to post some of my tunes. They were recorded several years ago…I’d like to give credit to a few folks.

Tim True – Bass

John Allen – Guitar-man

Doug Agee – Production and Tympani

Cipriano Garcia – Sax Extraordinaire!

There are others, too – but these 4 were “instrumental” in what you are going to hear. Some of the keyboard sounds may be a little gnarly, hopefully the rest will bring you joy.

Thank you, SoundCloud!

– RG

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