Journeys,  Poetry

Senses in the Morning

The mocking bird sings its songs,

While sunlight creeps along the fence.

Clouds are swirling overhead

And jasmine scents the wind.

The purple-orange of the dawn

Brings forth its hope and joy.

We shuffle through the dewy grass,

Exploring sights and sounds.

And gratitude fills my heart,

In every pulsing beat.

To feel, to hear, to touch and breathe,

Makes every moment sweet.


The crescent moon, translucent now

Against the gentian sky.

The stars have faded for the day

And thistles gently wave.

The glowing-amber of the sun

Has risen in the East.

We pause our walk to marvel

As nature’s gifts abound.

And wonder fills my soul –

Boundless thanks to give,

To know, to love, to think and smile,

A miracle, I live.

– RG

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