It is nearly Christmas. A bustling, busy time filled with family and friends.

It is also a time when many feel less than jolly. I wish this was not the case.

Recently I read a good book about Christmas, “An Even Better Christmas” by Mark Chandler. While many of the concepts were simple and straightforward, I enjoyed the mental picture of one thing in particular. God breaking through. Where God has inserted Himself into our world in order to offer an alternative way “out”. (This is all my paraphrase.)

So, as I feverishly work on projects to end the year strong, bake cookies, listen to Christmas music and generally live – being busy does help keep the blues at bay. At least most of the time.

When I pause, sometimes they creep back, lingering like old cigarette smoke. Unwelcome reminders.

So, instead I will be proactive and thank God. I have learned where there is praise, there is joy. Where there is gratitude, there is hope. Where there is worship, there is faith. Where there is God, there is love.

Love…yes, that’s a beautiful Christmas gift. It is more than enough.

– RG

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