Let’s Hear It For Joseph…

Most people can tell you about Mary, the mother of Jesus. It’s such a remarkable story! In our Western culture, we tend not to even blink any more if a young, unmarried woman is pregnant. No big deal, right? I mean, Hollywood types do it all the time. It’s a new “normal”.

Not 2,000 years ago. This was literally a stoning offence. Which is why it might be good to pause a moment and also think of Joseph’s reaction to the whole situation. Here was a young man who had no intimate relations with his finance. He knew for certain the child was not his! There could be no doubt in his mind – even if his friends smirked and said, “Yeah, sure Joe. We believe you…”

First of all – stop and consider for a moment God chose Joseph as HIS substitute to care for HIS SON. A step-father! Certainly an important role in the Kingdom of God. Joseph was also given a huge responsibility, both culturally and spiritually.

Joseph was also visited by angels at critical times. First, he was visited to give him the news he would become a father even before he’d ever had relations with Mary. WOW! And history reports he accepted this.

Joseph also took his new family and escaped to Egypt, thus protecting the life of Jesus from Herod’s maniacal rage. Once again he was warned in a dream and he obeyed without question.

I wonder what the days were like between Joseph and Jesus? After all, Jesus was known as a Carpenter (or perhaps better translated as more of an architect…) Certainly, Jesus had plenty of experience there – after all, He created the cosmos. Father teaching his young son how to properly build things. The picture stirs my imagination.

The Bible doesn’t give us much on what happened to Joseph. I like to think he has a special place in Heaven. After all, he raised my Savior. He was selected by God and given a responsibility that affected the ages.

“Isn’t this the carpenter’s son…?” (Matthew 13;5)

Yes and no. Jesus is so much more. I hope He is in your heart this Christmas.

Thank you, Joseph.

– RG

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