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Amicis Vale

It feels strange and wonderful to have completed writing book #5 of “The Call Series”.

It is a Sunday afternoon, I’m listening to jazz, and yet, part of my heart is with these characters who have lived in my head for several years.  I never knew it would feel like this. It’s definitely bittersweet.

Imagination is an amazing thing. I believe it is directly a reflection of our Creator. After all, He spoke worlds and galaxies into existence. That settles whether God has an imagination. I know…I know, a sense of humor, too – since He created me. 🙂

So now in the quiet of an afternoon, I must admit, I feel like an author. Isn’t that funny? It’s taken me years to actually say that. I used to just say “I’m a writer”. Yes, that’s true.  An author? That took a little getting used to. I remember having an intense desire in junior high to write. I fancied myself as some sort of modern-day Edgar Allen Poe!

My  Mom used to tease me about my love of words like “shroud”. “Can’t you write something more cheerful?” she would ask. “Why are things so moody and grim? Do you think you could try to write something with a happy ending?”

Well yes, Mom. I have. Sometimes I almost want to pinch myself because this really is a dream come true. Wow. Thanks, God for giving us visions, and voices and music and places that live in our minds. I’m so grateful. I guess I’ll hang around in 2019 for while – maybe!

So now, you may ask, what does “amicis vale” mean? It is Latin for Farewell Friends…My fictional friends, I hope others find you as enlightening, encouraging and inspiring as I have.


– RG

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