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    After the Finish – The Call to Stand

    Today is lovely out. The temperature has come down, and it’s feeling a bit like Fall. I’m thrilled. It’s strange – after I finish a book there is a period of adjustment. For weeks and months I’m “living” in this other space with scenes, dialogue, characters and history. Now, the bulk of the work is done except tweaking, which is a completely different process.  The excitement of the production – the creative license to build a story – is over temporarily. I miss it, I truly do. During the writing, there are lots of times in the middle of the night – in between being awake and dreaming – where…

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    Book 2 Official!

    It has been a while since I’ve been able to say this….Woo Hoo! My book is published. This time I did not cry when the box arrived. The feelings were deep and strong. My parents taught us to work hard and follow your dreams. I am glad Mom was alive to see the first book. I hope she and Pop know this one is out, too. It’s a funny feeling seeing something you created available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ketch Publishing. It gives kind of a warm feeling. I’m super thankful. Now, Book 3 is being edited!! Yes, that’s true. I hope to have this one out around…

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    Amicis Vale

    It feels strange and wonderful to have completed writing book #5 of “The Call Series”. It is a Sunday afternoon, I’m listening to jazz, and yet, part of my heart is with these characters who have lived in my head for several years.  I never knew it would feel like this. It’s definitely bittersweet. Imagination is an amazing thing. I believe it is directly a reflection of our Creator. After all, He spoke worlds and galaxies into existence. That settles whether God has an imagination. I know…I know, a sense of humor, too – since He created me. 🙂 So now in the quiet of an afternoon, I must admit,…

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    Joyful, Oh Yeah!

    Now that the move is history, I’ve been able to focus more on writing. These are exciting days. My second manuscript has been sent to the publisher. I am hoping the second book will be released THIS MONTH! Woo-hoo! “The Call to Damascus” will be released as hard copy, iBooks and Kindle. Also, “The Call of Dreams” will be re-released in iBooks and Kindle formats. I’m busily editing book 3 – which will be released at mid-year. This journey is a happy one. I’m so grateful to be using my talents. It’s funny, I was reading about using or burying them a day or so ago. Giddy-up! 2018 is going…

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    First Book Trip

    It has been a while since I’ve written. Much has happened! Yes, Book 1 – “The Call of Love” is on Amazon. I’ve relocated to Dallas, closer to work at my “day job”. It’s been an amazing, productive and happy time. I’m truly blessed. The next big thing is an upcoming trip to Elephant Butte, NM next month! I’ll be signing books and seeing some very, very dear friends. I’m so excited – I can hardly wait. Book 4 is nearly half done! It’s my goal to have it completed by the end of this year. Also, I’m hoping to have Book 2 – “The Call to Damascus” published before…

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    Book 1 – The Call of Love

    It’s been an incredible journey! This road actually began years ago when thinking of Mary Magdalene. Her story touched my heart in many ways. It was encouraging to me to know that a woman like her would be first at the tomb of Jesus. Her love for him made her disregard her personal safety. “While it was still dark…” She couldn’t wait any more. Who cares if the sun wasn’t up? She wanted to go to him. That’s my story. I’m so thankful to the many dear friends, teachers and loved ones who have encouraged me on this path. Here it is! Giddy-up! The link will take you to Amazon.com…