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This past weekend was great. Have you ever really been in a zone? I know sometimes sportscasters talk about players hitting free throws or three-pointers being in the zone. Obviously I’ve never experienced that! My zone this weekend was completely different.

My zone was my 5th book. It was like I opened a door and walked back into this world I know and love. I really love it when that happens. It feels as though I am there. I can’t really explain it, but I have friends who have seen me in the midst of it and they understand!

After getting some feedback on the historical / culture accuracy of my writing, I was a bit discouraged. The truth of it was it made me pause and wonder if I should scrap things. However, after a time of consideration, I say, “Nope!” It’s onward and upward. My fiction is just that – fiction.

Sure, there are reasons for me to write – encouragement and storytelling. As I put in the forward of my second book, I have an Irish Storyteller’s heart. Yes, I have taken license or liberties with the past, but it (the past) doesn’t mind, does it? 🙂 I don’t think so. In fact, I think if my stories cause people to be interested in the period and the events, then I have also done a good thing.

All of that said, I’m super grateful. I love it when the people and place is so vivid, it just POURS out. That is what happened.

It wasn’t bouquets, dipped strawberries and lingerie for me on Valentine’s Day. It was something much nicer.

The funny thing is – this weekend THERE was more tangible and real than HERE.

Call me crazy. That’s ok. I’m back now! LOL. Well, at least until the next chapter.

– RG

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