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    Assured and Amazed

    The last few weeks – specifically since March 13th, have been a dynamic, changing and sometimes puzzling time. First of all my friends and I have decided to purchase a little over 5 acres perched on a bluff in rural Texas. It’s beautiful – stunning in fact. It overlooks rolling landscape and the Bravos River. How did we manage to snag the perfect piece of property? It was arranged – a gift. Oh, sure, we have to pay for it, but the orchestration of it all was abundantly obvious. Brazos means “Arms of God”…yes and amen. On the heels of that, I was given a new project at work. This,…

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    Sleeping Memories

    Memories from the corners, Dreams found in the eaves, Sweet and make me catch my breath As each one is retrieved. And how the moments linger Even when the sun ascends, It’s almost like I can touch And hug them once again. I know this separation Someday will be erased. We’ll be together for all time And I will kiss their face. In the meantime dreams so vivid Are a solace in my heart. Today I sense that they are near, And we are not apart. The strength of love enjoins our souls When loved ones’ lives we share, Sometimes it takes a sleeping mind To truly be aware. –…

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    Belief & Doubt

    There have been times in my life where I felt assured, as though every step was mapped out and secure. There have also been times I felt as though I was on a tightrope, and anyone who knows me at ALL knows I really don’t like heights. (Unless it’s a rollercoaster or jet). So where are you today? Do you have challenges and obstacles that seem immovable? One more question – do you find it easier to pray for others and believe for them, rather than yourself? Then here is something to consider…I encourage you to grab this one and hang onto it, because it comes from a very reputable…