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    The Gardener

    Have you ever seen a really spectacular garden? Some people say that a beautiful garden means the gardener has a “green thumb“. My mom used to say, “Do you know what a green thumb really is? Hard work!” Yes, mom. You are so right. Let’s zero in for a moment. Let’s look at the plants within the garden. Each is…

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    The Light Switch and Love

    It’s scorching in Texas right now. It feels a giant convection oven outside. It’s putting me smack in front of my computer screen. So, here you go… Do you every wonder how people managed without air-conditioning, refrigeration, running hot and cold water (hot water changed everything in terms of hygiene!) and DEODERANT? 🙂 There are many things I know I…

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    Belief & Doubt

    There have been times in my life where I felt assured, as though every step was mapped out and secure. There have also been times I felt as though I was on a tightrope, and anyone who knows me at ALL knows I really don’t like heights. (Unless it’s a rollercoaster or jet). So where are you today? Do you…

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    For You…Whoever You Are

    Hope. Hope is a necessary and beautiful thing. I wonder what life would feel like without it? Thankfully, I can’t answer that question – but I know some people who have experienced a real sense of hopelessness. Let’s not simply assume they can “suck it up” and get on with things. Maybe, just maybe a discouraged friend or loved one…

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    Mental Exercise

    It’s a quiet Monday. A little too quiet. I prefer the busy, whirling activity of work, but I don’t feel well, so here I am. Rather than lounge in a pity party, I’m going to actively practice what I always “think” I should do. I’m going to put my mind on what is positive. “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is…

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    I’ve seen the wonder of a sunrise, Heard the waves crash on the shore, Felt the rumble from the thunder, And longed to see Your face once more. I’ve smelled the fragrance of a flower, Touched the ebon star-lit sky, Seen the moonlight on a river, Tasted tears at times I’ve cried. And all the while You’ve never wavered, Cared…