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    Journeys,  Random

    Truth and Honor

    They stand at the corners, diagonally from each other outside the house. Normally at rest, there are times they move into a fiercely protective stance with wings covering the four walls. They aren’t feathered. They are armor. They are tall. They are formidable. They are sent here to protect me. Truth and Honor. In the silence of the afternoon it is stunning to…

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    Alone and Not

    We are all going through this COVID thing together. I have very strong feelings about that, but because people I love very dearly believe the opposite of me, I will keep those opinions to myself. A COVID rant not the purpose of this post. As many of you know, I’m single. That is a peculiar thing sometimes. I’m not complaining…

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    Just Happy!

    Sometimes there are things that happen out of the blue that are completely unexpected and wonderful. I will tell you two of them that have happened in the past day. Last week it rained a lot in DFW, and I was not able to mow the grass behind the back fence. Needless to say, I almost needed a hay bailer…

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    Raindrops on the windows and thunder rolls in waves, Today there is a blend of heat, energy, and liquid cool. I am a reflection of the nature around me. The thirsty ground is soaking in the heaven-sent water. My soul is finding balance in the Maker of seen and unseen. In the solace of today, without the interruptions, I know…

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    Living Free

    What do you suppose our Founding Fathers were thinking 244 years ago when they were drafting the Declaration of Independence? They knew that by signing their name on the bottom line, they could be hanged by the British Monarchy for treason. They knew they were putting their very lives on the line to stand for purpose, principle and freedom. (If…

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    Wind Chimes

    Today is Sunday. It’s summer and breezy. A dust cloud has blown in from the Sahara, slightly masking the blue of the Texas sky. (That’s a long way!) As a kid, I loved summer on the farm in Michigan. Especially in late June and early July because it is cherry season! There’s nothing like fruit or veggies fresh from the…