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    Raindrops on the windows and thunder rolls in waves, Today there is a blend of heat, energy, and liquid cool. I am a reflection of the nature around me. The thirsty ground is soaking in the heaven-sent water. My soul is finding balance in the Maker of seen and unseen. In the solace of today, without the interruptions, I know the connection, and it is real. God pours Himself into the world and our hearts. His loving hands craft the daily miracles we see and hear. The song of a bird… The bloom of a flower… The smell of the ocean… The taste of a kiss… The touch of a…

  • Poetry


    The moments are sweet, rare and fine – And fleeting. The essence of a person, Their heart, smile and soul Are treasured. Cherish the seconds for time is relentless. Grateful, so grateful for the love shared. Hopeful, so hopeful for the days ahead. You are in my heart – Not just today, but always. I will recall the laughter and the love – Wishing for more, thankful for what was given. – RG

  • Poetry


    Unchanging. Unmoving. Solid and secure. These words describe the God I serve, He makes my pathway sure. And even in the days’ unknown Where unexpected reigns, I tip my face into the sun… Don’t need Him to explain. Because His faithfulness endures, And shines throughout the years, His love eclipses everything Including transient tears. I’ll bow my head and sing His song, While others do the same. Together we are stronger still In the power of His name. – RG

  • Poetry

    And Today

    I have seen the beauty Reflected in your eyes – Ringing in your laughter. I have felt the strength Lived out in your convictions – Expressed without counting the cost. And today, when you cross my mind – I know it is as it’s meant to be. Hope…Hope for eternity. No remorse or shame. I have known the joy In our connection here – Words without speaking. I have been surrounded With your awareness In the sensibilities of love Given in abandon to any who will receive. And today, as you linger in my heart I know it is as it’s meant to be. Trust…trusting in the Author Of our…

  • Music,  Poetry

    Easy to Believe

    A million stars were overhead That night, upon the hill. You told me I should look again, And lay completely still. You promised I would see more stars – (And) You were surely right. Your promise in the summer breeze Came true that August night.   CHORUS I remember…The way you smiled at me. I have treasured…the promises you keep. You have given more than you received, And yes, you made it easy then, You make it easy to believe.   The waiting seemed to last for hours Before the song began. You told me I would do just fine, And firmly held my hand. You promised me that all…

  • Poetry

    Be Still

    There is music in my mind…in my soul, The beat moves, even in the deep of the night. Lyrics, harmony, rhythm, Come together in dreams with intense colors. And in the midst of this sonata there is a Voice. The chart may be unfinished, The chorus unsung, But the One who never sleeps hums along. For after all, the melody is HIs. He knows the tune already, and has prepared the counterpoint. His hands, which bore my sin, shame and pain Now move effortlessly on the keys, Eliciting a new and beautiful melody. It is the composition of life. It is His – and He has given it to me…