• Poetry

    And Today

    I have seen the beauty Reflected in your eyes – Ringing in your laughter. I have felt the strength Lived out in your convictions – Expressed without counting the cost. And today, when you cross my mind – I know it is as it’s meant to be. Hope…Hope for eternity. No remorse or shame. I have known the joy In our connection here – Words without speaking. I have been surrounded With your awareness In the sensibilities of love Given in abandon to any who will receive. And today, as you linger in my heart I know it is as it’s meant to be. Trust…trusting in the Author Of our…

  • Music,  Poetry

    Easy to Believe

    A million stars were overhead That night, upon the hill. You told me I should look again, And lay completely still. You promised I would see more stars – (And) You were surely right. Your promise in the summer breeze Came true that August night.   CHORUS I remember…The way you smiled at me. I have treasured…the promises you keep. You have given more than you received, And yes, you made it easy then, You make it easy to believe.   The waiting seemed to last for hours Before the song began. You told me I would do just fine, And firmly held my hand. You promised me that all…

  • Poetry

    Be Still

    There is music in my mind…in my soul, The beat moves, even in the deep of the night. Lyrics, harmony, rhythm, Come together in dreams with intense colors. And in the midst of this sonata there is a Voice. The chart may be unfinished, The chorus unsung, But the One who never sleeps hums along. For after all, the melody is HIs. He knows the tune already, and has prepared the counterpoint. His hands, which bore my sin, shame and pain Now move effortlessly on the keys, Eliciting a new and beautiful melody. It is the composition of life. It is His – and He has given it to me…

  • Poetry

    A Thousand Whispers

    The sky is blue – stunning and vibrant, Leaves on trees glow brilliant green. Spring has come in jubilant light Dancing across the rolling hills. In its midst, the tumbling breeze…. Calls out in sweet abandon. Sometimes its voice is strong, And others, merely whispers. Lean forward, catch the words From the heart of Spring. Pause and hear, Wait and watch, Each second unique in beauty. With the beating of my heart, I cast away distractions – Intent on being still and absorbing A thousand whispers of today. – RG    

  • Poetry

    Voices of Spring

    Nature sings around me – I can almost hear her voice in the colors of Spring. Blue Bonnets and Paintbrushes scattered across the fields in merry chaos. Trees stretch their wakening limbs to the sky… And in creation I see You everywhere. I feel Your love, I see the magnificent artist in Your heart. The universe is on display, Revealing You to those who will look. It is stunning to me when I consider the flowers, birds and trees That You took the time to make me. I lift my voice in thanks and awe, Singing harmony with the Voices of Spring. – RG    

  • Poetry

    I’m Listening

    Today as I work, think and breathe, I can almost hear You. There are whispers in the heart of my mind – Secrets and open doors. No silence – rather a kaleidoscope of hope and dreams. Cartwheels of expectations roll in my thoughts. Your glorious Hand upon me, It brings me to my knees. I am Yours…and grander still, You are mine. I catch my breath and smile. Your voice becomes clearer – the more I listen. Why You showed Yourself to us Is almost beyond comprehension. All I can do is say – Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. – RG

  • Poetry

    Reverie in a Dream

    Listening in the quiet, Fog swirls ’round our walk. In the distance an owl calls. I’m thankful for the misty serenity of the morning. And in the land of dreams, Which lay slumbering just now, You are there. If I but blink, I will see you again… Laughing, caring, hugging… Your face lit with happiness. It gives me hope and promise that we are connected still. In the gossamer of imagination, I hear you say, “Mothers and daughters have a special bond that can never be broken.” The dream lives on in me. I carry it and you in my heart. – RG  

  • Journeys,  Poetry

    Wishing Well

    Holly, skates and tinseled tree – Snowflakes and a sleigh, Whispers from the carols past, And time that’s flown away… The heart within me falters At remembrances so clear. Snapshots in my memory banks, Framed inside a tear. Today the ashes on the hearth, From fires’ scarves that waved, The embers in this soul of mine Lean on the One who saves. So even as I toss my dreams Into life’s wishing well – I know my heart is being held By my Emmanuel. – RG    

  • Poetry

    Moments Live

    Misty fall outside the glass. See the pansies nod their heads. Hearing voices in my heart – Words upspoken, yet unsaid. And all the while the warmth of love Will sweep away the foggy rain. Every heartbeat keeping time Stirs with hope and move to gain. A smile curls up my lips in joy, As I ponder Your great gifts, Waters still and clouds disperse, When Your hands heal life’s biting rifts. Most of all Your faithfulness Shines light upon this upturned face. Master, Holy, Glory, God – These moments live within Your grace. – RG

  • walk in the rain
    Poetry,  Random

    Walk in the Rain

    Misty moments, leaden sky, I refuse to ask Him, “why“. Nothing ever stays the same, Constant motion in and out – Past the shadows, Beyond all doubt. And in the grey I reach the sun, Drawing reflections of the One, Whose Hand protects my swirling mind, And wipes the silent tears, In Him my answers find. This journey will be one of light, Regardless of the rain. The path is open, filled with hope, I walk toward greater gain. – RG          

  • Integrity
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    Level Playing Field

    In the quiet there is clarity – A moment of light no darkness can diminish. There are voices raised, strident and strong, Messages of anger and divide. What is the destination? Who have we become? In the solitude there is assurance – Treasure the intangibles in life, because they are not guaranteed. Accusations are not necessarily fact and can be spread in sinister whispers. Choose to be a beacon of hope. Give honor to each other. Stand firm on the sure foundation of Truth. Never waver in doing what is best, even if it is hard. Be a reflection of the perfect strength and purpose of God. “…the fruit of…

  • Poetry,  Random

    What is Ordinary?

    The things we see, smell, taste and hear, People we pass on the street, Hopes that are deep within our heart, Memories cherished and replayed, Loved ones we run to and hug, Laughter that bubbles forth, Joys that brighten the day, Friends who call and share, Truth that never wavers, Majestic sunrises and sunsets, Stars that twinkle in the night sky, Waves that crash upon the shore, Lightning that releases nitrates to Earth, And a lover whose hand is warm upon your skin… Every day these things happen. Every moment magic is upon us. There is no “ordinary”… It is all extraordinary. – RG