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    For Dad

    Growing up in rural Michigan was a time of innocence and rambunctious activity. The rolling hills were perfect to run up and sled down, and the tall, stately maples were the best for climbing. From the high perch one could imagine all sorts of things – everything from pirate ships to Cinderella’s ball. The only limit was the imagination of the child. My parents provided an insulated, trusting, respectful home in which we were allowed to thrive. I could go on an on about both parents, but the focus of this post is my Dad. It is almost hard to begin to describe someone like him. I will start with…

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    Coming Soon!

    After months of writing, preparation, editing, re-reading, praying, thinking, writing, tweaking, writing, researching, writing and writing…Did I mention writing? 🙂 The Call of Love will be published and available soon! As I write this, I can scarcely believe it. There are so many who have contributed to this journey. Some many not even know how their words or actions have affected the course of my life. I am profoundly grateful. Stay tuned! -Rose

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    Right Light

    It’s hard to believe we are pushing toward the end of January already. I guess that means I better focus on getting my tax preparation done for my Accountant, right? There is something I have done for the past few years, “My One Word”. I like it. It Makes me focus. This year, my one word is ALL. I’m very excited about it, because it’s so expansive. There is so much in life where we limit ourselves – and ALL is the opposite of that. Also, I’ve discovered it’s used a lot in the scripture. Very interesting. Here is one I found a moment ago… “This is the message we…

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    Today is an exciting day! I will be speaking with Athena Dean Holtz of Redemption Press regarding the projects. I keep looking at the clock, but the wait is actually fun. Anticipation is a good thing. According to Dictionary.com, the 2nd and 3rd definitions for anticipation are: “2. realization in advance…3. expectation or hope…” Now you tell me – doesn’t that sound like a good place to be on a Wednesday morning?

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    Next Project

    I’m pleased to report that my new project is underway! It’s in the very early stages still, but it is progressing. I love this time of development because it involves a lot of research. Learning is such a fun adventure! Right now I’m living in Damascus in the first century! More to come…