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    Have you ever had one of those memories where it was so strong and fragrant that it nearly took your breath away? The past converged on the present and time simply slipped away…ah, yes. Today that happened. There are so many sweet memories I have of Mom and Dad. Even though today is Mother’s Day, let’s face it, I wouldn’t…

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    Dreams to Hold

    Raindrops fall on spikes of grass in silver pellets. Thunder rolls and lightning dances in a grey-swept sky Casting shadows through the pane. Mingling in the sounds of nature, there is a solemn promise. In the whispers of the wind, a Voice can be heard. “Be still and know…” Because of Him, we are free to live, At liberty to…

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    Journeys,  Meditations

    The Veil – Let’s Go

    As a child, I was always fascinated by veils…with exotic places, covering faces, and then there was the Veil of the Temple. In my mind, a veil is a flimsy, diaphanous piece of elegant cloth that floats in the wind, conforming itself to whatever it is near. When Jesus died, the Veil was torn from top to bottom. This veil…

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    Assured and Amazed

    The last few weeks – specifically since March 13th, have been a dynamic, changing and sometimes puzzling time. First of all my friends and I have decided to purchase a little over 5 acres perched on a bluff in rural Texas. It’s beautiful – stunning in fact. It overlooks rolling landscape and the Bravos River. How did we manage to…

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    Springtime Roots and Reaching

    It is Saturday in northern Texas. The wind is chilly and the sky is blue. It is springtime in all its glory – with flowers and blossoms everywhere one looks. On the surface, one could easily believe, like  in Robert Browning’s Pippa’s song, “God’s in his heaven–All’s right with the world.” Is that true? Could it be? Perhaps. Can you…

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    Belief Chemistry

    Several years ago I was talking with a dear friend about walking the opposite way from Jesus – who refers to Himself as “the Light of the World”. Stay with me for a moment…Lightspeed is a fascinating concept for mere mortals such as us. Science tells us that if one were to travel at lightspeed, time would slow down or…