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    It’s time once again to bid another year adieu. It’s hard to believe! The last 12 months have certainly been an adventure. That much is certain! As I sit typing this in the comfort of my favorite chair, I think back on the seen and unseen things that have shaped my life this past year. Reflection can be a good…

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    Journeys,  Random

    Emmanuel Today

    When I was a child, Christmas was magic. There was expectation in the air. The smell of cookies baking, the crackle of the fire in the fireplace and the lights were twinkling on the tree. I especially liked it when the lights were turned off and the only lights in the living room were the lights on the tree and…

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    Going Forward

    Sometimes Christmas is a challenging time. There are people who have passed from this life who I miss greatly. There are hopes and dreams that have not yet been fulfilled. And honestly, my life is not at all what I had assumed it would be when I was a teen. Maybe, just maybe that’s the point – don’t you think?…

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    Hello December

    It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving 2019 is already behind us. As I was reading my daily devotion today, I realized that there are less than 30 days left in this calendar year. How can that be? Time is such a strange thing. There are times when the minutes may seem to drag (particularly when I’m forced to wait!). Then,…

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    Seasons Changing

    November in northern Texas is a time of transitions. We have gone from weeks of days over 100 degrees to a rainy, windswept vista. In some ways it’s refreshing. It’s fireplace and chiminea weather! Much of my life this year has been in transition. At first I dug my heels in, not wanting what I knew deep in my heart…

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    Missing and a Smile

    I know it’s not the date – but it is the day. Two years. Last night I had a hard time sleeping, thinking back on what happened two years ago. One day here, and the next you were gone. Mom – I miss you. Then, as I lay there in the dark listening to Sammy sigh in her sleep, I…