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    Nothing Hidden

    Today I was listening to a very informative message on the “unseen” dimensions or worlds that surround us. Some may cringe at the concept. I do not find that hard to believe or even imagine. After all, I do not see electricity, unless it is in a bolt of lightning, yet it’s very easy to see its effects. I suppose…

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    Heart and Mind

    So many things are happening in our world today. There are two that strike me as being so insidious, that they need to be called out. Fear and Isolation Human beings, by our very nature, are social creatures.  Why do you think so many of us have pets? Being social does not mean to say all of us are extroverts.…

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    Journeys,  Random

    Lessons Then & Now

    Some of us are able look back nostalgically on our childhood. Thankfully, I am such a person. I know others who are not as fortunate as I, and I am sorry. Today is about how then has become now… My early days were insulated and happy. Sure, like all families, we had our “moments” but mostly things were orderly and…

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    Prose,  Random

    The Playgound

    It was a pristine, rolling field full of every type of wholesome amusement a child could ever desire. Swings, slides, skating rinks, wading pools, diving pools, horseback riding arenas, tennis and basketball courts, tracks for running, trampolines for jumping… Looking across it, I wondered who had taken such time and expense to build such an incredible place to play? There…

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    Journeys,  Random

    When You Least Expect It

    There are many times in life when circumstances nearly take your breath away. I have put off writing about this in detail because it still seems almost surreal. It has taken me months to begin to understand it. On March 13, 2021, Brad and I met just west of Mineral Wells, Texas. It was misting and overcast, not exactly a…

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    In the Trees

    I hear Your voice in the whispers of the oaks, See Your majesty in cloud-studded skies, Feel Your sorrow in the rain, And know You bring us life. I bow in wonder at the stars, Who sing in stellar rhapsodies. I smell the cedar perfumed air And feel You right beside me. Oh, glory to Your holy name! All praise…