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    Whispers in my heart Telling of the Hope, Not forsaken, never alone, Always in the palm of His hand. My name inscribed there. The vision of Him bending down To hear my prayer. Listening. Caring. Taking time to hear me. How can it be that the Creator Who molded all we see Out of nothing Would care for me? Gratitude…

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    Journeys,  Random

    Listening Up

    It was the middle of night. Isn’t that the way it always goes? One minute sound asleep, the next in a semi-wakeful state in the middle of a prayer. I don’t know about you, but this happens to me all the time. It’s like when my physical self goes to sleep my eternal self wakes up and gets busy. This…

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    Mom & the Cord

    I’m still trying to get my head and heart around it – and it’s not easy. It’s been three years…not the exact date, but it is the day. It was a Monday morning when I got the call. Mom was gone. Yes, it’s true, she had a full life. A life of full of purpose and influence. When people tell…

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    Kindness & Charity

    Aren’t these unusual times in which we are living? King Solomon told us “there is nothing new under the sun.” That must be, because rumor has it he was the wisest man who ever lived- but some of the things that are happening just now seem unpleasantly new. And frankly, I wish they would go away. So, I got thinking…

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    Journeys,  Random

    What I Saw

    Last night I had the most intense dream I’ve had in a few years. Was it a dream? Not sure. Mom was here. She was totally herself – and more. I loved seeing her. She was whirling and happy and full of life. She was dressed to the hilt! She looked beautiful – and happy. And still, she let me…

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    After the Finish – The Call to Stand

    Today is lovely out. The temperature has come down, and it’s feeling a bit like Fall. I’m thrilled. It’s strange – after I finish a book there is a period of adjustment. For weeks and months I’m “living” in this other space with scenes, dialogue, characters and history. Now, the bulk of the work is done except tweaking, which is…